Setting Up A Project SharePoint Site Part 4 – Document Libraries

Executing Monitoring and Controlling

You can create document libraries in SharePoint for any of your project-related documents but in this post I will only address the libraries I use for Project Management purposes. Having all of your key documents organized in SharePoint is useful for communication, collaboration, reference and external audit.

The five libraries I always establish on my project SharePoint sites are:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Requirements and Scope
  4. Project Execution
  5. Project Close

The Project Initiation library contains the Project Charter, the approved Business Case, the Roles & Responsibilities matrix and any relevant Contracts.

The Project Planning library contains the Master Project Schedule and any sub-schedules, plus any and all project planning documents (e.g. Project Management Plan, Project Activity Plans, etc).

The Requirements and Scope library contains all of the documents related to the project requirements including diagrams and tracking matrices.

The Project Execution library contains all of the formal status reports including both the internal reports only used by the core team as well as the publicly published reports. It will also contain any formal change requests.

The Project Close library contains all of the formal sign-offs and the Project Close checklist that may be mandated by your organization.

You may also wish to create libraries for your Software Development Life Cycle (Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation).

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