Setting up a Project SharePoint Site – Overview

Executing Monitoring and Controlling

If your company uses Microsoft Windows for your computers, chances are you also have the free version of SharePoint available to you (ask your Windows administrators). If you do, SharePoint is a wonderful tool to use to assist in Project Management and to enhance communication and collaboration on a project.

In the upcoming posts I will address the following topics:

  • Part 1 – The Home Page
  • Part 2 – Announcements
  • Part 3 – Key Lists
  • Part 4 – Document Libraries
  • Part 5 – Calendars
  • Part 6 – The Project Status Dashboard
  • Part 7 – Security

I am not going to describe the mechanics of working with SharePoint. Microsoft has plenty of online resources and courses to help you with that. I will focus on how you can take advantage of SharePoint features and functions to assist your project management.


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