I Would Like To Hear From You

Over the past year there have been thousands of visitors to this blog. I would like to hear your comments about topics you would like me to address or even an existing post that you are interested in learning more in detail. Please leave your comments and I will respond to them in an upcoming post.

Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “I Would Like To Hear From You

  1. Hi Tony,

    I have found your website and would like to complement you on the structure and the content. Well presented and meaningful information.

    From my perspective I run a service delivery department in a large multinational that has grown by acquisition and merger, lots of acquisition but little merger though. The results are that the PM’s come from separate entities and there is no real PM method or structure that can uniformly be used at the moment. I am in the advanced stages of implementing a PMO and it will be the tool I will use to bring a uniform delivery approach to the team.

    Some of the issues I would love to see you address are the following:

    1) Earned value, how bet to implement it and report is, especially focusing of cost variations, percentage completes and overall understanding of what to do first and how this should be taught to novices.
    2) Customer escalation remediation – managing by exception and how to keep escalations fro customers at a minimum if not eradicate them.
    3) Customer project status reporting, what should go into a PSR and who should get to read it?
    4) Project tracking, how best to track a timeline, with milestones and triggers to highlight the risk of missing them.

    There is more but I would be grateful for the guidance you might be able to provide.

    All the best in 2017, may you and yours have a truly prosperous New Year.


    Les Marshall
    Watford, Hertfordshire.


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