The Project Charter – Dependencies


As part of the Project Charter it is important to define dependencies on the deliverables and resources of other projects and initiatives that are outside the control of the project team. If you have any of these dependencies, they can present major risks to your project schedule. As such, they should be included in your risk management strategy as well as being called out separately in the Dependencies section of your charter

Here is an example of a dependency I encountered in a real-world project:

The project I was managing needed a couple of PC’s to be available in each location for the staff to access for some of their tasks. Another project was ordering and installing these PC’s for a different purpose. I asked to be included in the status reports for that project so I could monitor progress. When I noticed the project completion date slipping to the point of endangering the project I was managing, I offered to advise the person (not a professional PM) managing the project to help them get on track. This was successful and my project avoided any impact.

Be sure to actively identify current projects and initiatives that could impact your project and plan your strategy.